Hi! It’s Grace. I’m sorry in advance for how long this is. :)

Someone emailed me recently and asked to Skype for an hour so I could give them advice on starting their new activism project. We wound up having a really incredible conversation and it was so amazing to be able to hear about their ideas and to help guide them in the right direction for the project. I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon and I really would love to continue doing that. Unbreakable has given me so much experience with creativity and building projects, and I remember what it was like to feel excited but overwhelmed by an idea. I want to help other people build their own ideas!

All of that being said.. Is there anyone out there who is starting an activism project and wants to talk about executing it? I would be happy to set up a Skype session - shoot me an email at if you’d like.


What if voice chats make us a little nervous?